Saturday, May 14, 2011


... and in case you missed my first episode, here it is: Apples!


  1. NEVER put bananas in the fridge! Great to find you here and on Twitter. It's the CBC's 75th anniversary so I'm going to make sure your segment with Don Cherry is enshrined as one of the funniest moments in their history! -- Joe Bodolai
    I'm at

  2. Rawrg! YES! I've just been WAITING for this! Bananas are my favorite fruit! I'm Amanda, aka, Amanda-Banana. ;)

  3. Just how small of room were you in? And was that Paul B. that remarked about how good the banana-scotch was going to be? And just who was that smart woman that dreamed it up? Cheers, Queers...enjoy!( I hope that was politically correct to say since I am in fact in the same banana boat). Bernie

  4. It's so odd. I stare at these, just sort of marvelous at the weirdness, and then a scotch glass full of banana shows up and I burst out laughing.

    Such a strange experience.