Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fruit Blog - MANGOS

It's summer school at Fruit Blog as our sweaty denizens lay on the books in a last ditch cram before final exams. Their tome of choice, the superstar of tropical fruits, the sensuous mango. Known as the testicle of God, eating a the mango is like tea bagging a tree and that's why it's this narrator's favourite fruit. Highlights in this episode include a demonstration on the proper way to eat the damned thing by Mr. Dinn and a reappearance by Madame Frantowski's jeggings. They practically steal the show once again with the most selfish tugging and pulling sequence since Sally Rand's sister Ayn did burlesque.

Friday, June 8, 2012


One of the most sensual fruits in the world the pomegranate is definitely for lovers although you wouldn't know it by the brutish behaviour of our friends in this installment of Fruit Blog. Let's just say, the cracks are starting to show. For the first time this season Scott leaves the room, on the arm of the mysterious blonde Amazon Christa. And how do our visibly fraying hostages respond to this brief bit of air? By a brazen move to take over the show led by Darryl 'Eve' Dinn. Caught up in the spirit of rebellion and perched arrogantly in the cat seat he is tripped up by his inability to understand the great God Wiki so he calls the gentle Bellini in to the rescue. However the two of them are undone by their vaunting ambition and unfamiliarity with the mysterious cultivar and Fruit Blog is left dangling once again by a fibrous thread.