Monday, December 12, 2011

Fruit Blog - Guavas 2

There has been some concern lately that maybe fruit blog had moved away from it's original emphasis on fruit information and become mired in personal politics. In Guavas 2 this fear is laid to rest with a passionate return to form. Look for a special appearance from a nineties idol and a sensuous floating head routine from Madame Frantowski.


  1. Hey Scott, can you look into Prickly Pear Cactus fruit? I've heard it prevents hangovers and might cure ulcers!

  2. I'm in the weird part of the internet again! And I keep coming back...but I kind of love it.

    Kumquats, I'm avidly hoping to see these make an appearance on the fruit blog.

  3. Quince... It scared me a bit at first, but I've been on fruit for years so I thought I could handle it.

    Warning to noobies - don't even try to eat it raw. I peeled and roasted it first and made a custard tart with sliced Quince - tastes like pear - delish!

  4. I also got a couple Persimmons... That says 'Sunday Afternoon' to me.