Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fruit Blog-Sugar Apples

It's been a long and twisting road since Apples 1 and frankly much of it has been sour.  So it's nice to see in our penultimate episode a sweet respite before next episode's shocking conclusion. Out of the  steamy Amazon comes the sugar apple, a hairy, nubbly orb resembling a puppet dinosaur's testicle that tickles the fruit fly's taste buds and finally ends the recent run of bad fruit. Yes, much of  the produce throughout the series has been terrible. Yes, some of it even made people sick. But to go from that to saying that Fruit Blog has been a failure would be a grievous error. Fruit Blog was about more than fruit.  It was about re-birth and the sharing of knowledge, civic activism and drunken fellowship and above all, jeggings. But we jump ahead of ourselves. Tonight is not the end. Just the day before. Enjoy yourself with a sugar apple.  You've earned the calories and soon you will need them.